ADS Computer Science-IV PU Practical Solution Group-3 2018

University of the Punjab

BA/BSc. ADS Fourth year

Computer Science Practical

Group 2 Annual – 2018


Question No 01:

MS Access



1.      The system, I was assigned was already Logged In. I clicked on start button and start menu appeared.

2.      A clicked on All Programs and pointed to MS Office Folder and clicked on MS Access2007.

3.      On Opening page of MS Access, I clicked on Blank Database and write “Credit Card System” in file name box and clicked on Create Button.

4.      On Side bar, there was a Table named Table1.

5.      Right clicked on Table1 and clicked on “Design View” to open the table in design view.

6.      I entered all the column names and their respective data types in design view.

7.      I Selected T_ID Colum and right clicked, an options list appeared. I clicked on Primary key to make T_ID Primary Key.

8.      I opened the table in datasheet view and entered data as given in the question.

9.      In Property Sheet. I clicked on Validation Rule to create a new validation rule that restricted the column value less than or equal to 100000.

10.  Again selected Remaining Limit column and create a validation rule to restrict the column value remain greater than 0.

11.  Finally I Pressed CTRL + S to save the table.

Question No 02:

Operating Systems


1.      Changed the Background:

            1.      Right Clicked on desktop and options menu list appeared. In options menu list, clicked on personalize.

2.      In personalization dialog, I clicked on Desktop background. And choose background dialog opened.

3.      There I selected the required Image and clicked on save changes. The desktop background is changed.

 2.      Changed the IP Address of Computer:

            1.      In notification area, Right clicked on Network Icon. And again clicked on Network and sharing center in options list. Network and sharing                             dialog opened.

2.      In Network and Sharing dialog clicked on Change Adopter Settings and right clicked on Local Area Connection Icon. In options menu, Selected Properties. And LAN Properties dialog appeared

3.      There I double clicked on Internet Protocol version 4. And IPV4 Properties box appeared.

4.      There entered new IP Address and Clicked on OK Button. IP of the system is changed.

 3.      Created a new Account and set Password:

1.      Opened Control Panel from start menu.

2.      In Control Panel Clicked on User Accounts and Family Safety.

3.      There Clicked on Add or remove user accounts in User Accounts group.

4.      On add Dialog, Clicked on Create a new account, and entered account name “Waqar”

5.      Clicked on newly created account and different options appeared. I clicked on Create a Password and entered password “lwj6851”

6.      And clicked on Create Password.

7.      New Account is created and password is set as per question.

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