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علامہ اقبال

Mirza Ghalib

مرزا غالب

Amjad Islam Amjad

امجد اسلام امجد

Ali Zaryoun

علی زریون

parveen shakir

پروین شاکر


وصی شاہ

faiz ahmad faiz

امجد اسلام امجد

To express feelings, urdu poetry or urdu shayari is always proved a best way. Sad poetry in urdu is a comprehensive way to convey your feeling and expressions to you beloved ones. On this page we will share urdu poetry, urdu shayari, sad poetry in urdu, sad shayari urdu for our visitors. Urdu shayari has a vast number of poets since 16th century. Mirza Ghalib is known as Father of Urdu Poetry or Urdu Shayari.

Sad poetries

Sad people want to tell their beloved ones about their mental conditions. Sad poetries help them in this regards. Sad poetries let them express their feelings and emotions. Urdu poetry has a wide variety of sad poetries. Amjad Islam Amjad Poetry, Wasi Shah Poetry and Jaun elia has good collection of sad poetries.

Romantic poetry in Urdu

Urdu literature is full of romantic poetry. And romance is always a hot cake for all classical urdu poets. We have a huge collection of Romantic poetry in urdu, that will hit your lover by heart. Romantic poetry also help the people to handle their feelings and give them outlet of emotions.

Ghazal in urdu

ghazal in urdu is a wide term to define. Almost every urdu poet has contributed collection of beautiful ghazal in urdu. Meer taqi Meer, Khwaja Meer Dard, Momin Khan Momin etc. are the famous urdu poets who wrote long lasting ghazal in urdu.

Funny poetry in urdu

we also share a good collection of funny poetry in urdu. Funny poetry will help you mold you sad emotions in a laugh. Funny poetry in urdu helps the people to express their funny nature in a beautiful way. Funny poetry and ghazals are very famous among the peoples who loved to read funny poetry to make their mood happy and light.we will provide funny poetry in urdu 2 lines and 4 lines Poetry and user can download Funny poetry.

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