Top 4 Reasons To Implement KYB Verification Services For Modern-Day Businesses

In the modern digital world, when it comes to business partnerships, KYB Verification plays an important role in securing corporate interest and ensuring compliance with know your customer & anti-money laundering regulations. Nowadays, it is important to develop business relationships with trustworthy and genuine entities. According to a study from the Ponemon Institute, companies have to pay around 4 million dollars as a consequence of non-compliance with KYC & AML regulations. KYB validates business identities through certified identification parameters comprising records of business owners & Company Registration Numbers (CRN). 

Know Your Business Solution – A Quick Overview

Corporate verification is about the due diligence review of any organization to discourage money laundering and terrorism financing cases. This enables corporate experts to design policies and evaluate abnormal patterns. Moreover, the implementation of know your business solution can reassure professionals that genuine enterprises are partnering up with the company. In this way, shell corporations have no chance of exploiting genuine business. 

Regulatory agencies such as FATF & FCA require robust anti-money laundering measures while collaborating with foreign companies. Electronic ID verifications & AML directives in the EU dictate KYB laws to the modern-day corporate sector. 

Famous 4 Rationale to Apply to Know Your Business Solution

The application of KYB services can help industries establish trust in the relationship while ensuring compliance with anti-money laundering & know your customer’s regulatory obligations. The following are important reasons that highlight the significance of cutting-edge technology for modern-day businesses. 

Securing Business Relationships

Having a mutual understanding and interest in business relationships is crucial in modern times. There is also the case that corporate partners do not have power over the third-party vendors of their partner company. For this reason, ongoing verification can help businesses to build secure & stable partnerships. Know Your Business (KYB) standards are a trustworthy approach to establishing trust and a safe channel of communication. 

Using the state-of-the-art KYB establishes a new sense of authenticity and facilitates corporations to forgo traditional validation methods. This way, companies can no t only boost sales but also achieve mutual goals timely. Besides high trust & more reliability, KYB verification can ensure unbeatable security. In other words, modern-day organizations must follow know your business compliance while establishing B2B connections. With corporate information and other parameters such as the ultimate beneficiary chain of partnering companies, KYB verification can strengthen corporate relationships. 

Complying with AML Regulatory Obligations

The rising cases of financial crimes have urged law enforcement agencies to follow the latest regulatory measures. In the late 1990s, legislators introduced the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) whose purpose was to combat tax evasion cases because of illegal drug dealings. Under the guideline, bank operators have the responsibility to report abnormal user activity i.e., monetary transactions exceeding $10,000. Such standards laid the foundation for AML & business verification services to counter money laundering. Hence, FinCEN & Financial Action Task Force (FATF) came into existence in 1990 & 1989 respectively. 

AML practices play an important role in validating business credentials and safeguarding the interests of companies. In case of non-compliance, poorly regulated corporations have to face financial penalties that result in loss of customers and credibility losses. A report on KYB compliance says that corporations have to face more than 5 million dollars as compensation for not sticking to anti-money laundering standards. 

The 6AMLD, the 6th Anti-Money Laundering Directive, was introduced on 6 December 2020, which encourages Financial Institutions (FI) to execute KYB checks to mitigate monetary crimes. Know your business compliance comes under AML criteria which safeguard corporate interest against external attacks. Hence, applying anti-money laundering & know your business solution has become mandatory in the modern world. 

Enhancing B2B Conversion Rates

Conversion rates play an essential role in B2B marketing milestones for all commercial parties. For all business entities, a reliable connection results in strong communication between both entities. KYB solution is a fast and convenient approach that offers a positive experience to partner organizations. With multiple identity checks, corporate entities can easily collaborate with each other to accomplish their mutual goals. This creates an opportunity to promote sales and enhance market reputation. In other words, strong business relationships (with trust) are directly proportional to more sales and higher conversion rates. As per a Hubspot report, the average conversion rate for page visitors is between 20%-25%.

The Bottom Line

Implementing know your business solutions results in strong business partnerships that are based on trust. This way, corporations can boost conversion rates and minimize operational costs. Businesses can easily ensure compliance with know your customer & anti-money laundering regulations. 
Collaborating with a third-party vendor can also help corporations implement a GDPR & PCI DSS-compliant service. This can help business owners avoid hefty fines and maintain market credibility. It also guarantees a competitive advantage in a tough market atmosphere.

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