Online Education – Advantages and Disadvantages

The concept of online education is popular nowadays. The online education system is different from the traditional system of education. In this age, the availability of internet facilities enables you to acquire education even at home. You need carry heavy bags. Your store all your books and reading material on your computer, laptop, or mobile phone. Countless online sources provide you with e-books. Online platforms provide instruction in all disciplines of study. There are subject-based websites that support your online education. For example, if you are a student of English literature and language, you can get articles on related topics on a website Likewise, if you want to read MCQs of your subject, you can get for  The spread of information technology has facilitated the oline education system in many ways. In recent past, factors like COVID-19 also played a key part in trending the concept of online education. This essay given below deal with various features including the adnatages and disadvantaes of online education.


1: What do we mean by online education?

2: History of online education

3: Reasons for recent popularity of online education

4: Online education – Advantages

5: Online education – Disadvantages

6: Conclusion


What do we mean by online education?

In an online education system, is one that brings instructors and students in contact through the internet. The concept of an online education system has similarities with the concept of distance education. In many countries, the distance education system has worked successfully for decades. It has been the best option for the students unable to join educational institutions for any reason. The traditional mail system supports correspondence in this system. The institutions send books, assignment lists, and related material to the students via mail. The online education system is an advancement of this system. In this system, correspondence between the institution and students depends on online facilities supported by the internet. It started with downloadable recorded lectures and printed material. However, with the assistance of advanced apps and engine systems live coordination of teachers and students has become possible.

History of Online Education

In 1960, the University of Illinois pioneered online education in America. The University of Toronto came up with complete online courses in 1984. Margaret Morabito founded CALCampus in 1982. It was a Computer Assisted Learning Center (CALC) in Rindge, New Hampshire. It started with offering offline computer-based education. Later, Morabito sought methods to connect computers and modems and CALC initiated its first live classroom in 1986. In 1987, Morabito started QuantumLink Community College which imparted education through live online instruction. It paved way for modern virtual classroom instruction.

Reasons for Recent Popularity of Online Education

In the 21st century, progress in the field of cyber and information technology promoted opportunities for online learning. Also, there was a renewed awareness of the importance of education. However, not all people could attend regular classes at educational institutions. The online education system proved very handy for such students. It was very valuable for people doing different jobs as well as people in areas with no access to quality institutions.

COVID-19 played a big part in the recent rise in popularity of online education. It was the time when the world came to a jam. Educational institutions discontinued classes. It had bad effect on the education of the students. The loss would have been bigger without the online education system. Educational institutions quickly moved to this system of education. They did it intending to save the careers of the students.

Online Education – Advantages

Saves Money and Time

Online education ensures safety of money and time. With no need to travel, it saves expenditure on transportation and the time spent in travelling. Institutions can save the expenses of organizing physical classes.

An Opportunity for All

Online mode of education offers equal opportunity to all students. It does not matter what age group you fall into or where you live. The online education system is most beneficial for students who do jobs and cannot participate in traditional classroom mode. They can get education on their computers, laptops, or mobile phones.

Flexible Timings

The online system of education facilitates students and teachers with flexible timings. The student who may miss a virtual class download the lecture. They watch the same lecture when they are free.

Removes Hesitation and Fear

Many students lack confidence in the presence of other students in physical classes. They do have qualities of good students, but they remain shy of class participation. Some of the students have fear of electronic devices. They are frightened of even touching computers and laptops. The online education system helps them to overcome shyness and fear.

Online Education – Disadvantages

Issues of Discipline

Institutions instill discipline and order in students. The students have to follow a timetable. But in the online education system, students are not bound to observe any timetable. Also, they do not have to abide by the rules and regulations of institutions. As a result of this, there is a lack of discipline in students getting an education through an online system.

No Direct Sene of Competition

In a classroom environment, the students learn how to compete with their fellows. They observe what means and methods their fellows adopt and apply to improve their proficiency and performance. So, when a student who has been through a physical class system enters the professional world with greater confidence. Those who acquire online education may lack this sense of competition and confidence.

Lack of Resources and Connectivity Problems

For online education, students need good computers, laptops, or mobile phones. Some students with poor economic background cannot purchase any of these devices. It poses a bad influence on the acquisition of online education. The students also need high-speed internet connectivity to remain in touch with the institutions. A lack of technical resources may causes difficulties in getting an online education. It is a disadvantage of the system that results in poor results of the students.

Social Life

In an online education system, students spend most of their time on their computers, laptops, and mobile phones. They need an environment that is free from disturbance. It isolates them from their social connections.

Moral Aspect

The online education system demands observation of moral codes from teachers and students. The institutions must provide the students with quality content that meets the needs of the time. The students should show their diligence and discipline. They should not take it as an opportunity to surf entertainment websites.


Online education is a reality of the time. The institutions and students should make the most of it. Education is the only goal of online education. And it should be the foremost priority.

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