Shopping Mart Computerization

Project Domain / Category

                     Web Site

Abstract / Introduction

The computer is an important factor of our lives. Through computer we can perform different tasks efficiently and in a speedy way.

In this project, we will build an easy to use Web based application for a Shopping Mart which will be used by employees of the shopping mart in two layers. I.e. to facilitate the administrator and to facilitate employees working at the counters of the shopping mart. The administrator of the Shopping Mart will add different products, search about different products, can find total profit on daily, monthly and yearly bases. Whereas the employees working at the selling counter (Sales point) will be able to create receipt of good purchased for customers and will be able to check stock etc.

The main purpose of this project is to facilitate the administrator and employees working at counters in keeping the records electronically rather than manually.

Functional Requirements:

  1. Administrator and employee working at the counter can login and logout
  2. Administrator can add different products and their information’s like product name, product price, quantity etc.
  3. Administrator can edit and delete different products
  4. Administrator can generate selling reports both on timely based and on demand
  5. Administrator can generate the total profit of a month and a year
  6. Employees working at counter can print receipt for a customer that contains different information about customer purchased products such as product quantity and price
  7. Employees working at the counter can check the status of goods in the stock
  8. Employees working at the counter can generate cash reports of shift based, daily, monthly or yearly.
  9. Products sold must be automatically deducted from stock.
  10. Application must throw alerts when a product in stock is limited or completely sold

[NOTE:  Student can add/enhance requirements as per needed]


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