Online Blood Donation System Computer Science Final Year Project Idea

Project Domain 

Web Application


Blood is the essential element of human body. Without blood humans can’t survive. Scientists say that about seven (7) to eight (8) percent of human weight consists of blood. In conventional way blood is donated though some blood organization or Blood banks. Blood bank is thought to be the place where blood is collected from the donor and stored/preserved for a period of twenty eight days (8) maximum for later transfusion. Blood banks also do not support online blood donor database. The number of donors are increasing with increase in population of the country thus we need to have an effective system to have better control and management of data. Using traditional techniques of data entry by operator a lot of issues may happen, like the risk of outdated data, human boredom, error in data and cost etc. Owing to solve all the problems the study is done on an automated Blood bank. In the present traditional system the factors like gender, age, last date of blood donation, frequency of blood donation per year are not recorded which is given vital importance in this study and used as recruitment factors in blood donation. So the prime objective of the project is to find a more efficient way in blood donor database management and to create a medium for people to get connected with potential blood donors around the locality.

Functional Requirements:


  1. Registration
  2. Login/logout
  3.  Modifying profile
  4.  Searching record
  5. Requests for blood donation


  1. Registration
  2.  Login/logout
  3. Modifying profile
  4. Search record
  5. Requests for required blood


  1.   Login/logout
  2. Modifying profile
  3. Add donor
  4. Delete donor
  5.  Block donor
  6. Send messages to registered donor or done


PHP, MySQL, Xampp Server.