Computerization of Auto Spareparts Shop

Project Domain / Category: WEB Application


“Computerization of Auto Spareparts shop” is an application which automates the business of an auto Spareparts shop. The applications maintain the regular sale of the business and calculate the profit and loss of the business. The application further maintains the detail of the sale of previous period, maintain the detail of sale return, and maintain the detail of customer who purchases items on credit. The application also generates the monthly and yearly reports of profit and loss.

Functional Requirements:

A set of functional requirements of the proposed system may include the following.

1. There must be login process for administrator and authorized users to avoid unauthorized access to the software.

2. The shop has different Spareparts for different vehicles and each part has different characteristic which are required by the owner to store.

3. The shop has multiple stores in different places.

4. The shopkeeper (Owner) purchase Spareparts from multiple places (Country and Cities).

5. The application would maintain the daily sale of the business.

6. The application would care about the profit and loss of the business.

7. The application would also generate some reports


ASP .Net + SQL Server