ADS Computer Science-III PU Practical Solution Group-3 2019

University of the Punjab

BA/BSc.  Part I Computer Science Practical

Group 3 – Annual-2019 Solution

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Question No 01:

MS Excel


1.      I clicked on Start Button and point to the All Programs. All installed programs list appeared.

2.      I pointed to the MS Office Folder and click on MS Excel. MS Excel Program opened.

3.      I click on Office Button and take new Sheet.

4.      Entered data into sheet as given in the question.

5.      I Selected Header Row and apply shade from home ribbon.

6.      I wrote a formula to calculate Percentage Marks

Formula: = (C2/B2)*100

I dragged this formula from row 2 to row 6 to apply formula on all rows.

7.      I wrote “Total” in A7 cell and make it Right Aligned by pressing “CTRL + R”.

8.      I wrote a formula to calculate total of Max Marks in Cell B7

Formula: =SUM(B2:B6)

9.      I wrote a formula to calculate total of Obtained Marks in Cell C7

Formula: =SUM(C2:C6)


10.  I pressed Ctrl + S to save the sheet and give the file name “Result Card”.

Question No 02:



Private Sub Command1_click()

Dim Price As Integer

Price = InputBox(“Enter Current Price”, “Input” , 0)

Price = Price * 1.05

Print “Price after 1 year = ”& Price

Price = Price * 1.04

Print “Price after 2 year = ”& Price

Price = Price * 1.06

Print “Price after 3 year = ”& Price

End Sub


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