ADS Computer Science-III PU Practical Solution Group-10 2019

University of the Punjab

BA/BSc.  Part I Computer Science Practical

Group 10 – Annual-2019 Solution

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Question No 01:

MS Word


1.      I clicked on Start Button and point to the All Programs. All installed programs list appeared.

2.      I pointed to the MS Office Folder and click on MS Word. MS Word Program opened.

3.      I click on Office Button and take new Document.

4.      I Draw a Table of 3 Rows and 3 Columns.

5.       I merge different Cells as given in Question.

6.      Right Clicked on Table and click Border and Shading and Set appropriate Border.

7.      I Used Text Direction to set the direction of “Library”.

8.      I Selected the Table and press CTRL + E to make it Center Align.

9.      Finally I Pressed CTRL +S to Save the file. I wrote “Layout” in file name box and clicked OK . File is saved.


Question No 02:


Private Sub Command1_click ()

Dim amount As Integer, Discount As Integer, Net As Integer

Amount = InputBox(“Enter Amount”)


If Amount <5000 Then

Discount = 0

Elseif   Amount >= 5000 And Amount <7000 Then

Discount = 5000

Elseif   Amount >= 7000 And Amount <10000 Then

Discount = 1000


Discount = 1500

End If

Net = Amount – Discount

Print “Discount = “&Discount

Print “Net Amount Payable = “&Net

End Sub

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